Don’t Write Off or Write Down That Excess Inventory This Year End!

Many businesses face difficult decisions at the end of every year to write off excess or aged inventory in an effort to have the financial statements accurately reflect the financial position of said inventory.  Banks are now performing this every quarter for assets such as mortgages.  The progressive opinion of writing assets off will be paying less tax at year …

7 Reasons To Barter In This Or Any Economy!

  Business owners are constantly searching for the next best thing to deploy in an effort to bring success to their business.  Here are just 7 reasons that barter should be considered for your business, particularly in this economy: New customers – it is a great way to acquire customers that you would not have had otherwise and this ultimately …

Why Use Tradebank To Barter?

[youtube][/youtube] Attracts New Business On a Continuing Basis Conserve Cash Flow Increase Profits Benefit From A Large, Local Network For More Trade and Cash-Paying Referrals Afford Services You Might Otherwise Delay or Avoid Move Unused Products Increases Business During Slow Times    

About Bartering

Bartering has been around literally forever or nearly so. In fact, bartering predates the use of formal currency as a measure of exchange for labor or goods.

What is bartering? Simply put, it’s the exchange of goods or services without the use or exchange of formal currency. You may, for example, barter with a friend to mow your lawn in exchange for babysitting her children for two hours. Or, in a more formal arrangement, you may barter with your landlord to do maintenance or repairs for other tenants in exchange for a reduction in rent. It remains a useful way to exchange goods or services without having to bring money into the equation.

Now, bartering has a new twist. With the advent of the Internet, online barter sites are showing up everywhere. Some sites are local, while others have a reach that’s literally worldwide. One Such is

In general, these sites allow users to post ads on what they have to offer and what they would like in return. Some sites are free, while others charge a user’s fee.Tradebank of Chattanooga, is one example of a goods-exchange site. With Care to Trade, you can also have items shipped from anywhere, whereas other sites offer local trading., for example.

To find a site local to you, go to your local newspaper or newspaper’s online site(s) and type in “barter.” In many cases, one will already be established. If not, do a bit of research if you like and start your own. also offers tips on getting started with bartering online and not only offers listings by country, but also specific to individual states in the United States. Franchises are offered in almost every state with protected territories.
Google Groups offers specialized Usenet groups (many local) offering the barter of a variety of goods and services. has over 600 mailing lists available offering a variety of locations, goods, services and bartering options. If these are not local to you, and this is what you would prefer, you can start your own.

Bartering has also made a comeback in the world of business with Internet trading. With “direct bartering”, business owners swap their product(s) or service(s) directly with their vendors in exchange for the vendor’s product(s) or service(s). However Companies such as Tradebank of Chattanooga allow members to barter goods and services within their member group all over the United States and Canada. This is done with a barter account with a debit card that can be used with any Tradebank Barter member. This allows a much better method of tradeing because you never need to do one on one trades. Your barter funds go into your accound and you may spend it where you like, not with just the oerson you did the Barter job for.

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