Why Every Business Should Barter – Reason Number 1

I’ll cut to the chase on this article…

Your ability to leverage your buying power (the mark-up from your goods/service) is the most important (in my humble opinion) reason for you to understand how to use barter in your daily business practice.

Let me give you some examples:

A massage therapist has at least 20:1 buying power with trade, (their only cost in the trade is approx. $2 per massage, which is the cost of their massage oil and some laundry soap for washing the sheets).

A restaurant averages 4:1 buying power (their only cost in the trade is approx. 25% food cost).

Hair Dressers average 10:1 buying power (their only cost in the trade will average 10%).

Carpet Cleaners are about the same as a hair dresser.

Radio Stations and other advertising media are at about 20:1.

Printing businesses are approximately at 10:1 buying power. 

…and the list goes on and on…

Any down-time in your business is a prime barter opportunity. If you have expenditures you should be thinking of ways to utilize barter instead of your already earned cash to pay for them.

I would recommend you get used to asking yourself this simple question anytime you’re about to buy or pay for something:

If I could pay $10 for this service instead of $50, would it be worth bartering for?

Barter isn’t going to work for you every time, BUT, with even a small amount of effort on your part, it will work enough of the time to save you thousand’s of dollars per year! 

MONTE COOK is a barter consultant, specializing in teaching businesses how to increase their cash flow by utilizing barter. He has a free blog site at http://www.barterforcashflow.wordpress.com His favorite past time is watching the light go off in people’s minds when they start to comprehend the power of barter! After that, it’s “mostly” downhill. He lives on LOPEZ ISLAND, WASHINGTON with his wife of 32 years and 3 of their 7 children.

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