How Tradebank works for the Education Industry


Education allows people young and old the opportunity to be instructed or trained how to specialize in a profession, field or hobby of interest. As the educator or educating institution, it is of paramount importance to make sure you are maximizing your most valuable asset – your time.

Whether it is individual or group instruction, making sure that your classrooms, seminars or day planners/calendars are full plays a critical role as to how profitable your business can and should be. As a client of Tradebank, we tailor a marketing plan guaranteed to bring you the additional students you need.

Why teach a class of ten students when you can provide the same training to a class of twenty students without drastically changing your overhead costs? Why only give three days worth of lessons when your schedule can accommodate five?

Tradebank can turn your underutilized time into valuable new income that can be used on some of your most common overhead expenses such as office equipment and supplies, technology, health care, travel and advertising and marketing. Tradebank also provides you valuable word-of-mouth advertising that will not only bring you trade business, but cash business as well.