Using Barter to Better Your Business

When a business owner makes a decision about their company, they do it with mindfulness. No decision is taken too lightly, or even too seriously. It requires a finesse. When it comes to bartering their goods and services, it requires even more attention. How do they make the right decisions? At Tradebank, they are able to trade their goods and services in return for Trade dollars. By using the dollars, it makes barter more flexible, allowing them to trade what they have for what they really need. There are 5 different traits that great traders utilize to make the most of their trade dollars.

Using Trade for Your People

Great Traders utilize what they have for Trade Dollars. Naturally, they want to take them and use them to better their business. One of the first ways business owners complete this is by taking care of their employees. They can support their valued employees in a variety of ways.

They can offer wellness benefits such as chiropractors, massages, acupuncture, or counseling. Or they can offer medical benefits like X-rays, dental, or preventative care. If they prefer more of a hands off approach, they opt for affiliate accounts. They can deposit Trade Dollars as ‘bonuses’ into these accounts. Then, the employees can use their trade as they please.

Leverage Trade

When it comes to being a business owner, free time is nearly a fairy tale. When you do come upon it, it’s more valuable than gold. Great traders take their trade to preserve as much of it as possible through leveraging. By using their broker, they can identify responsibilities at home or in the office that they could outsource. A salon owner could hire a maid service to help her close the shop down in time to pick up her kids from practice. 

Or a contractor can hire a landscaper to keep his Saturday mornings clear. These owners make the best use of their trade and time.

Expanding Products/Service Lines

Being competitive in business is a staple. When you expand your products and services, it makes your business that much more appealing than your neighbors. For example, a local spa may want to bring in a new skin care line. After partnering with another Tradebank client who offers the products they like, they are able to offer those in shop. Then, bringing new customers into their spa. 

More business, means more cash, and using their trade helps these great traders earn that much more.

In Network Marketing

Advertising and marketing is an integral part of business. Through Tradebank, there are low cost marketing strategies through various channels that business owners can take advantage of. After signing up, business owners can place an ad on our client portal. Then, their business is visible for every member to see. When they use your goods or services, word of mouth drives more cash business in your direction. If you’re looking for an extra boost, great traders reach out to their broker to be promoted on the Client portal homepage or their special email blasts.

What are your top trading tips?

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